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Bienvenue! Welcome to Divisadero Street. Louis’s not in just now, but do sit and stay a while. Allow me to light a candle. Yes, that’s lovely, isn’t it?

Ah, if you’ve been here before your keen eye for detail has no doubt drawn you to the new bindings along our shelves, where some tales I’ve penned about our most-human and beloved fiend have long languished. A new path has been laid to the dusty old Forbidden Archive, as well. Chit-chat about the quiet one inspired a few afterthoughts, as well. Oh, and a delightful little bookstore has taken up residence in the garage. Browse all you like.

The library is decorated in keeping with Louis’s tastes. Cluttered, but nothing too garish, I trust. A few snapshots from the film of Louis’s book. A bowl of green and blue ribbons on the table. While you browse, let me extend our continued thanks to Laura for the lovely photograph of Louis’s home, above. Laura’s view through Louis’s Window is exquisite.

Louis’s homepage has long been a waystation along several walking tours, and passers-by are wont to slip notes under the door. Do take a peek. My door is always open to you, just give a knock.

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Louis 1976

Monsieur Brad Pitt certainly did the thoughtful one proud. Hopefully he’ll return to film Lestat’s autobiography. It would be meaningless if Louis wasn’t there, after all. The yellow-haired one went to so much trouble just to contact Louis and, well, if Lestat was going to break a rule and reveal those secrets to Louis, by God he was going to break it big, now wasn’t he?

Alas, this was not destined. Too much exposition, I suppose, in Lestat’s taudry little memoir. Seems the movie moguls had some young beauties in mind for the next film installment, stamina they surely needed in battling the bitch queen.

Additional stills from the film Interview With The Vampire, and more.

Daniel and Louis on Divisadero Street, circa 1976* (184K)

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Louis’s Story Continues...

Somehow, mon cher Louis seems misunderstood by quite a few readers, to the extent of being portrayed as Lestat’s abused spouse by some. Puzzling, when so many — Lestat, Armand, Marius, and Daniel among them — have expressed so plainly their affection for the most human one. Well, being the unabashed Louis-lover that I am, I’ve endeavored to help clarify the matter and here are the results.

Each of the following stories is preceded by a cast list as well as various spoiler and content warnings. So no need to fret turning the page, so to speak — you won’t step into anything. By the by, the Text files are darn-near identical to what was posted to the alt.books.anne-rice newsgroup eons ago and have appeared in the original archive, albeit all in one piece. The Read and Print files are nearly identical as well, but nicely formatted; the Read versions are broken into handy sections that load quickly, while the Print versions display all sections in one great, long setting that may take a moment longer. (Print/Text file sizes)

Another Interview

Revised: January 27, 1996

Louis, so imperturbable, so certain they’re all damned. What could possibly shake his beliefs? What could move him to the very depths of his gentle soul to tear down the fragile veils protecting him and face his terrible pain, that great awful sadness? And could the very thing that awakens him give life again to his maker, stopping Lestat’s slow descent into obscurity? (160K/140K)

In June 1998,

Another Interview

was honored with

Gabrielle’s Spec of the Month Award



Revised: January 27, 1996

The fifth book in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, Memnoch the Devil, seemingly changed the immortal landscape forever. Or did it? This story picks up Louis’s tale from Another Interview and takes it so much further. Return to the Night Island, stop by the townhouse in the Rue Royale. But heed the warnings, my friend, and beware. (592K/520K)

Citadel of Grace

Revised: January 27, 1996

An addendum to Another Interview, this very short story was actually written after Resurrection. I strongly recommend you read this last, else a few of the surprises in Resurrection will be spoiled. (72K/60K)

Afterword to the Louis Stories

In the years since posting the Louis Stories, I’ve heard one phrase oft repeated: “I want some more.” Read my thoughts on continuing the tale, and on the publication of Pandora, The Vampire Armand, and Vittorio the Vampire, and other ramblings. Yes, there are spoilers here, try as I might to avoid them.

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Green for Louis, blue for Lestat

In April 2000, a statement appeared on the Anne Rice website disallowing “fan fiction” and demanding respect. Ms. Rice, when asked her opinion of such fiction in years past, always encouraged writers to create their own characters and stories, but never forbid fan fiction or demanded compliance.

In support of all fan-fiction writers out there, I have withdrawn the respect that previously had been freely given to Ms. Rice and display the Support Our Specs ribbon.



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Divisadero Street


Please feel free to stroll the aisles my bookstore. Here you’ll find one-stop shopping for all of Ms. Rice’s work, along with a handful of other resources used in writing the Louis Stories. Divisadero Street, in association with Amazon.com, happily offers up to 40% discounts.

Construction is underway! Our old bookstore is finally getting a much-needed facelift. Don a hardhat and take a look today. It’s quite safe (and secure) and we think you’ll be pleased.

Of course you may still leaf through our (very) old Featured Selections shelf, if you’d like....


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Louis 1860

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Louis at the door of the townhouse, 1860* (160K)

*Dates are based upon Louis’s book.

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