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  Sheri L. Richardson

About the Author

An award-winning writer and novelist with several completed manuscripts in her portfolio, Sheri is currently immersed in her favorite topic, immortality, and shaping up a lengthy work (in three volumes) for market. Strangers become lovers, become friends, become mates...but it’s never so simple as that. Research on this piece has taken her all over the web. A pair of sequels are already plotted and well underway in this tale that spans two millenia.

Sheri is also at work on a nonfiction manuscript in the self-help genre. Both manuscripts are as yet unsold; outlines and sample chapters are available.

To secure a living Sheri works in the computer industry, writing procedure guides, test cases, and end-user documentation. In her career she’s borne such titles as quality assurance engineer, software tester, help desk analyst, and support technician, as well as jockeying the more esoteric posts of product advisor, development test staff, and wizard.

She has been a contributing member of the wired community since 1985. Sheri had a hand in building eWorld (RIP) and was a charter member of America Online, though she’s long since given up on AOL, Compuserve, and like services. She participates on various mailing lists, newsgroups, and MOOs.

Until recently, the author lived in the heart of the Silicon Valley with her daughter. Sheri’s other interests range far and wide.

Official NaNoWriMo 2002 Participant

Writing Samples

Sheri has written several speculative pieces based upon another author’s vampire chronicles. These 130,000 words were penned for fun — and the challenge of matching someone else’s voice — between July 1995 and January 1996. “The Louis Stories” have garnered glowing reviews from afficionados worldwide and are featured on her Divisadero Street page.

Prior to writing as Louis, Sheri wrote a snipet of fan fiction for the Macleods of the Highlander film and television franchise. This ten-hour bolt from the blue, “Immortals Night”, later melded with other musings on the Highlanders’ history to form her first finished manuscript. Though subsequently not accepted for publication, in January 1995 Highlander: Clansmen was pitched with representation to a major New York publisher and the final work (300 pages) submitted in June of that year. Sadly, the manuscript has long since been lost due to multiple hard disk failures, a hard lesson learned.

Recently, however, Sheri has written an end-to-end how-to guide (under the moniker Falconesque) for the Sony Playstation®2 game, Okage: Shadow King. Unlike similar “walkthroughs,” her guide is written in the third-person and covers everything a player might encounter, including hardware requirements and foibles. The guide was selected by GameFAQs’ editors and awarded their FAQ of the Month prize for July 2006. The latest published version may be reviewed on her GameFAQs page.

Contact Info

Sheri Richardson is best reached by e-mail for computer work or technical writing projects.

Publishers may contact her directly. Sheri is currently seeking new representation.

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